Who We Are

The Malawi Human Rights Commission is an independent National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) established by the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi under section 129 with the primary function of protecting and investigating violations of the rights accorded by the Constitution or any other law. The Commission started its operations in 1999 following the enactment of its enabling legislation, the Human Rights Commission Act (Chapter 3:08, Laws of Malawi) in 1998.  Section 12 of the HRCA, states that the mandate of the Commission shall be competent in every aspect to promote and protect human rights in Malawi in the broadest sense possible and to investigate violations of human rights on its own motion or upon complaints received from any person, class of persons or body. Section 13 of the HRCA further provides for the duties and functions of the Commission whereas section 14 provides for its responsibilities.

An empowered Malawian society where human rights are respected and enjoyed by all

To lead in the promotion and protection of human rights in an independent and professional manner in Malawi