Research Monitoring and Documentation

To be a dependable source of human rights information and accurate advice to the various authorities and members of the public, the Commission undertakes human rights research and monitoring. In the current state of structural organisation, the Commission has designated an officer among the thematic directorates to coordinate research function. However, there are steps towards formalising the structure in future. Meanwhile, the Commission has developed a five year Research Agenda that prioritised thematic areas for detailed probing. These include: civil and political rights; economic, social and cultural rights; gender and women’s rights; child rights; disability and elderly rights; rights of minority groups; and emerging human rights issues in Malawi. The agenda would be regularly updated, depending on emerging issues.

As well as research, the Commission undertake human rights monitoring and due diligence in various places that are prone to human rights abuses, including places of detention, workplaces, childcare institutions. Monitoring exercises, conducted regularly, are aimed at ensuring compliance of human rights principles and standards in such vulnerable places.

In order to ensure increased responsiveness of legislation, policies, regulations, court decisions, administrative decisions, procedures, bills and administrative proposals to human rights standards in both public and private sectors, the Commission conducts examination of their status and submit policy briefs to Government for consideration.