Human Rights Education, Information and Training

The Commission is a source of human rights information for the Government and the people of Malawi. In addition, the Commission assists in educating the public on and promoting awareness and respect for human rights.

Based on this mandate, the Commission is responsible for educating people on human rights issues through various media channels, conducting community outreach programmes, seminars and training workshops. Further, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials are produced to promote awareness of, and respect of all human rights and freedoms. According to 2018 Justice and Accountability Study Report, 90 percent of the people at national level are aware of their human rights. However, the levels vary with the region and urbanisation. There is no mainstreamed of human rights based approach in the provision of basic services. Therefore, the Commission developed Human Rights Education Strategy to ensure uniformity in and effective coordination and standardised approach to provision of human rights education by the various stakeholders in Malawi. Further, the Human Rights Coordination Forum was established to provide an all-inclusive and sustainable platform for all actors in human rights promotion and protection work in a way that is integrated and responsive to national priorities